Our approach

IK has a distinct and consistent strategy, centred around our unique geographic focus and commitment to active investment and ownership.

IK Funds invest across a wide range of industries and geographies. The skills and experiences gained through advising them over the years, as well as executing expansion and growth strategies as board members, mean that, as a group, IK is particularly well equipped to make value-enhancing investment recommendations and decisions and provide support to the management teams we partner with.

Value creation is an essential component of our investment approach and the IK Funds aim to double the earnings of the portfolio companies they invest in through geographic diversification, sector expansion and effective cost/benefit analysis.

Our focus on value creation is long-term, and does not just apply during the IK Funds’ ownership but builds a platform for sustainable development in subsequent years as well. Across the economic cycle, our central objective remains the same: to make companies stronger by delivering genuine operational improvement.

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