IK News No 36 Winter 2014/2015

This year, IK is 25. It is a time to celebrate what we have achieved and reflect on how we can best use our experiences to build a successful future.
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IK News No 35 Summer 2014

It is midsummer in the Nordic region, the days are long and the mood is upbeat. This year, there are many reasons to feel good about the Nordics. Economic growth has picked up, stock markets are strong and deal flow is increasing steadily. IK’s latest fund, IK VII, has already made three Nordic investments – Hansen Protection and VPS last year and Ramudden this spring.
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IK News No 34 Winter 2013/2014

Over the past few months, we have made three new investments, completed a successful exit and closed our latest Fund, IK VII.

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IK News No 33 Summer 2013

Welcome to the summer 2013 edition of IK News. As a firm dedicated to delivering genuine growth in our portfolio companies, buy and build is a fundamental part of our strategy. Over the past two years, therefore, IK-backed businesses have made more than 30 acquisitions, expanding their product base or geographic footprint in the process.

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IK News No 32 Winter 2012/2013

Welcome to the winter 2012 edition of IKNews. This is special issue because it includes the results of a survey carried out among the CEOs of our portfolio companies.

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IK News No 31 Summer 2012

Welcome to the latest edition of IK News,a feature packed summer 2012 edition. In thisissue,we focus our attention on our investment inAttendo, our Nordic provider of social and healthcare, interview the CEO of Snacks International,and bring good news from Uganda where IKAREcontinuesto support the SOS project aiming tostamp out sleeping sickness.

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IK News No 30 Winter 2011

Welcome to the latest issue of IK News – a bumper edition which reflects a particularly busy period for the firm. IK has recently completed three exciting new investments –Savena Group, Trigo and Doedijns International; and achieved three healthy exits – Magotteaux, Idex and Etanco. All these transactions are featured in this issue which, we hope, will give greater insights into IK’s strategic and operational approach to business improvement.

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IK News No 29 Summer 2011

Welcome to this year's first issue of IK News. Over the past year, there has been a marked pick-up in activity across the private equity industry.

European buyouts more than doubled in 2010 compared to 2009 and IK was a key player in the market, making six acquisitions during the year.

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IK News No 28 Winter 2010

Welcome to this year’s last issue of IK News. This number is presented by the Danish/Norwegian team. You can also read about some of our most recent investments; Colosseum Dental, Agros Nova and GHD. You will also be able to get an insight into the exit of Cerba European Lab. This issue sees, Rolf Holmlund, the new CEO of Suomen Lahikauppa. IK News also includes an update on our sleeping sickness project in Uganda and the AIFM Directive. Finally Mads Ryum Larsen shares his views on the current fundraising conditions.

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IK News No 27 Spring 2010

Welcome to this latest issue of IK News including the launch of a series of presentations by IK's investment teams - first out is the German team - and read about IK's recent transaction, the merger of the US-based fire protection and life safety systems business Viking Group with our portfolio company Minimax. Meet Ronan Lebraut, CEO of Etanco and read about the SOS project in Uganda as well as an reulatory round-up. IK partner Christopher Masek and executive chairman Björn Savén share their views on important topics.

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IK News No 26 Winter 2009

Read about IK's investment in Vistra Group, a leading provider of corporate and trust services. In this issue we also cover the European regulatory challenge, our strategy & operations team, the third and final part of the IK 20 celebration serial among other topics. With the hope of good reading and a Merry Christmas.

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IK News No 25 Autumn 2009

IK Investment Partners is celebrating its 20th year as an international private equity investor. Read about the IK years from 1994 to 2001, a panel discussion with three of our portfolio companies and Bernt Magnusson sharing his views on the advantages of private equity.

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IK News No 24 Spring 2009

Read about IK's first 20 years, the exit of Wehkamp, grocery chain upgrade of Suomen Lähikauppa and Tom von Weymarn giving his words on corporate governance.

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IK News No 23 Autumn 2008

Read about IK's newest investment, Axtone, based in Poland and IK's future approach in the CEE region. Update about IKARE and meet Antti Hovila awarded with the IK Finnish American Scholarship.

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IK News No 22 Summer 2008

Industri Kapital becomes IK Investment Partners. IK invests in renewable energy by acquiring German mirror manufacturer Flabeg. Meet Eva Lindqvist one of IK's newest advisors.

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IK News No 21 Spring 2008

Read about IK's new Partners Helena Stjernholm and Dan Soudry, IK's newest investment Groupe Etanco and meet 4 portfolio company Communication Managers.

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IK News No 20 Winter 2007

Read about IK's EUR 1,675 billion Fund, the IK2007Fund. DSI is divested and Schenck Process Group is acquired. Private Equity companies' relationship with Unions is examined.

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IK News No 19 Summer 2007

Read about the acquisition of Moventas and the exit of Prevesta. IK's Executive Committee discuss the image of Private Equity. Update on the IKARE project in Uganda.

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