Core investment values

IK’s core values provide the foundation for our investment and ownership processes. They are integral to the IK Way, and serve as guiding principles for all our investments.

Funds advised by IK Investment Partners Ltd have a mission to invest in, and work with, the management teams of mid-sized companies with strong improvement potential. IK Funds aim to build lasting value for the businesses they invest in by fostering fundamental performance improvements through active engagement. Investing responsibly is in line with IK’s core values, in particular our drive to institute and maintain high standards of governance and business ethics within IK Funds, the IK advisory entities and our portfolio companies.

Our core values are:

  • Professionalism – we have a disciplined investment strategy, which is carried out by professionals representing a broad range of nationalities with a wide range of experiences.
  • Focus – we emphasise quality and focus in everything we do.
  • Ethical standards – we adhere to high ethical standards regarding investment in, and management of, portfolio companies.
  • Relationships – we build and foster long-term relationships based on professionalism and trust, and we work closely with portfolio company management teams.
  • Commitment – we are committed to our investors, partners and portfolio companies in everything we do.
  • Operationally focused – we have a proven and strategic operating approach to long-term value creation.
  • Performance – we have a strong investment track record with an experienced, cohesive and stable investment and support team.

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