IK Funds

Since 1989, IK Funds have supported more than 135 European companies. IK Funds invest in small and mid-sized companies with strong improvement potential, operating in the Business Services, Consumer/Food, Engineered Products and Healthcare sectors.

Each IK Fund is managed by a General Partner (GP). The GP and its Board of Directors are responsible for all investment and divestment decisions made during the life of the fund. The GP also handles all fund administration, such as drawdowns, fund accounting and reporting, risk management and compliance.

IK Investment Partners Limited (based in London) is the Investment Advisor to each of the GPs, and is in turn supported by a network of advisory companies, with offices in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Hamburg, London, Luxembourg, Paris and Stockholm.

Having raised and advised 11 funds, we have gained extensive experience of both good and challenging investment cycles. This provides us with a strong platform, both for recommending which companies the IK Funds should invest in and for supporting management in these acquired businesses. We leverage our knowledge and experience from earlier transactions every day and in every investment.

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