IK News No 4 Winter 2015/2016

Sleeping sickness kills tens of thousands of people every year and leaves many more permanently disabled. In this edition of IKARE News, you can find out more about IKARE Ltd's partnership with Shifo and the latest  developments in our ongoing work to stamp out sleeping sickness in Northern Uganda.

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IKARE News No 3 Summer 2014

The past 12 months have seen developments on several fronts for IKARE. In Uganda, we commissioned consultancy firm EY to assess and advise the 3V vet practices. Their work – from a non-profit unit within the group - proved really helpful both operationally and strategically. In Kenya, we contributed to a major study to reduce the incidence of outdoor malaria, using cattle as live bait. The trial follows a similar principle to that adopted in the Uganda SOS (Stamp Out Sleeping Sickness) initiative. We are pleased with this extension of our range, and hope the analysis yields results.
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IKARE News No 2 Summer 2013

It is now almost seven years since graduate vets from Makarere University helped avert a threatening convergence of two types of sleeping sickness in rural Uganda, administering treatment to thousands of cattle in remote areas of the country.

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IKARE News No 1 Winter 2012/2013

Charitable giving had been an integral part of IK’sculture since the firm was founded in 1989. But, as the partnership developed, we wanted to adopt a more structured approach to our donations and link them better to our own core business.

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