Acture Groep takes 100% stake in MijnSubsidie

Acture Groep has taken over MijnSubsidie. With the acquisition of MijnSubsidie, customers of the Acture Groep can now benefit from the convenience of automatically staying informed of possible wage subsidies that are available. This saves a lot of time and prevents subsidies from being 'missed out on'. Now that the startup wants to grow from scale-up to full-fledged consultancy company, they are bringing their platform under the way to Acture Groep, market leader in the implementation and insurance of social security. MijnSubsidie will continue to operate autonomously within the Acture Groep. Founders Moritz Tielemans and Michiel van der Maat were in 2016 still nominees for the young entrepreneur of the year election organized by Sprout. The founders had discovered that keeping track of all wage subsidies and schemes is an impossible task. The process is time-consuming without knowing whether the application will be granted at all. The software and services of MijnSubsidie makes the entire process of subsidy applications simple.

Tielemans: "We have spoken extensively with the management of Acture Group and see the same eagerness and vision to use automation to provide the services to customers at a high level. We feel at home here and have the idea that together we can go further than we could achieve on our own.'

Derks, CEO Acture Groep: 'Acture Groep stands for optimal damage burden management for its customers. Subsidy advice is part of this. The modern, up-to-date way in which MijnSubsidie has designed this appeals to us enormously. We see great opportunities to serve our customers even better with this addition to our services.'

Van der Maat will continue to work within Acture Groep, Tielemans will remain on as an advisor and will supervise the integration of MijnSubsidie within Acture Groep.

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Acture Groep
David Gribnau, Gribnau Comunicatie
Phone: +31 35 533 7226

About Acture Groep 

Acture Groep is a unique collective of innovative specialists in the field of social security. Each label within the group serves its own market segment and thus brings in specific knowledge and expertise. What unites us is a constant pursuit of new ideas, products and services. And a clear starting point: having a job is the best social security. After all, no one benefits if people are unnecessarily sidelined due to illness, unemployment or partial incapacity for work.

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