Responsible Investment – Integration into the IK Way


This RI policy statement is an important document, supporting our employees to perform their investment advisory activities in line with the IK Way. Employees are trained to ensure that they work in accordance with the IK Way and know what is expected of them with regard to executing their work in accordance with this RI policy.


IK takes into account relevant Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors during its analysis of an investment opportunity. IK’s approach and ambition is not only about mitigating risks but also about adding value by using, for example, ESG factors to improve business practices. Portfolio companies' ESG risks and opportunities are analysed and summarised in the materials presented to the IK Investment Advisory Committee, and are considered under a specific section in the overall review of the investment opportunity.

Active ownership:

IK believes that the ESG interests of its fund investors are aligned with those of their portfolio companies, their customers, their employees and the communities in which they operate. Central to the IK way of advising and investing is the introduction and implementation of a strong governance and management structure for each portfolio company. In addition to the portfolio company boards’ responsibility to define overall strategy and policy, IK is also, through its board work, committed to supporting portfolio companies to meet the commitments and principles set out in this policy. The IK funds require that the board of every portfolio company discuss the respective company’s performance on ESG factors at least once a year, as part of the annual review process, and shares the outcome of such discussions with the IK ESG team. IK encourages continuous ESG performance improvement within all portfolio companies.

RI framework seamlessly integrated in the IK Way:

The IK Way process is well established and rigorously applied. A number of specific Responsible Investment tools have been developed and integrated in the process. 

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